(a)   The city will encourage development of new subdivisions, but any person, persons or any partnership or corporation (hereinafter called the developer) desiring to develop any new area within the city shall proceed in accordance with the subdivision regulations for the city.

(b)   Detailed plans and specifications for development of streets, sanitary sewers, water mains, water service and electric service must be submitted for approval by the planning commission and accepted by the governing body of the city. Plans submitted must bear the stamp of a professional engineer licensed in the state.

(c)   All costs associated with development of plats, plans and specifications and their review and acceptance by the city shall be borne by the developer.

(Ord. 761; Code 1974, Chapter 12.24; Code 2014)

(a)   Where development of any new subdivision in compliance with plans accepted by the governing body requires extension of the city sewer, water or street systems, the owners or developers of such property may petition the city for installation and financing of such improvements by issuance of general obligation bonds in the amount necessary to complete such improvements, and cost of same will be recovered by special assessment against all property affected. When total costs of such streets or sewer districts are established, the city will compute and establish the equable amount to be charged to each property together with any proportion of costs to be borne by the city at large and these charges against the property will be certified to the county clerk to be collected as special assessments against the benefiting properties.

(c)   The developer shall have the option of installing these sewer, water or street improvements at his own expense but only in strict compliance with all city requirements and subject to city inspection and acceptance.

(c)   Upon acceptance by the governing body of the city, the sewer, water or street systems shall become the property of city, and the city shall keep the same in repair or replace the same when necessary without further cost to the user.

(Ord. 761; Code 1974, Chapter 12.24; Code 2014)

Developments contiguous to existing improvements are strongly encouraged. In cases where this is not possible, no approval of such extension will be approved without study of how future development will be affected and negotiation with the developer of an equable distribution of cost of such extensions.

(Ord. 761; Code 1974, Chapter 12.24; Code 2014)

(a)   No building permit will be issued for construction of any building in any new development until or unless such required streets and utilities have been installed or are under firm contract to be installed.

(b)   All tap fees and charges provided by ordinances of the city for connecting to utilities shall be paid in full upon issuance of the building permit.

(Ord. 761; Code 1974, Chapter 12.24; Code 2014)