There is hereby incorporated by reference for the purpose of regulating public offenses within the corporate limits of the City of Oakley, Kansas, that certain code known as the “Uniform Public Offense Code,” Edition of 2013, prepared and published in book form by the League of Kansas Municipalities, Topeka, Kansas, save and except such articles, sections, parts or portions as are hereafter omitted, deleted, modified or changed. No fewer than three copies of said Uniform Public Offense Code shall be marked or stamped “Official Copy as Incorporated by the Code of the City of Oakley, Kansas,” with all sections or portions thereof intended to be omitted or changed clearly marked to show any such omission or change and to which shall be attached a copy of this section, and filed with the city clerk to be open to inspection and available to the public at all reasonable hours.

(Code 1974, 9.04.010; Ord. 1117; Code 2014)

The Uniform Public Offense Code is hereby amended by adding the following section:

       10.20a    Use or Possession of Marijuana and Drug Paraphernalia.  No person shall use or possess marijuana or any paraphernalia to use, store, contain, conceal, inject, ingest, inhale, or otherwise introduce marijuana into the human body.  Violation of this section is a Class C Violation

(Ord. 1117; Code 2014)