(a)   Alarms that are connected to the Communication Center located at the Oakley Police Department that expect a response by public safety officers must be registered with the Oakley Police Department as a legitimate alarm.  The type of alarm and method of delivery of that alarm into the Communications Center must be approved before installation and expectation that responders will respond to the alarm.

(b)   The registration of the alarm with the Communications Center will include the name of the business or residence, location, and at least 2 key holders.  The registration will also include the type of alarm and how the alarm will be received at the Oakley Communication Center.  The registration will include any special features of the alarm (if it is a sectionalized alarm, equipment only alarm, and if the alarm has an outside audible alarm).

(c)   Alarms not registered with the Oakley Communications Center will have an initial response with a notice given to properly register the alarm.  Failure to register the alarm as a legitimate alarm may result in no response by responders.

(a)   Alarms and Security Breach issues that are false and continue to not be corrected by the owner will result in response fees for each false alarm.  An allowance for 2 false alarms in a 30-day period and no more than 4 false alarms total in any 90-day period.  The following is the fee schedule to be billed to the business/residence.

(1)   3rd False Alarm 30 day period $25.00

(2)   4th False Alarm 30 day period $35.00

(3)   5th & Subsequent False Alarm 30-90 day period $50.00 each alarm.

(b)   Nuisance Alarms that are not corrected after a 90 day period of time will be assessed a fee of $100 per occurrence plus any actual costs for responding personnel. Outside audible alarms that become a nuisance will become a nuisance violation in accordance with K.S.A. 21-6204 if the alarm repeatedly goes off without a valid security concern.

(c)   If alarms are set off by an act of god, it will not be considered a false alarm.  The burden of proof that it was an act of god will be the responsibility of the owner or maintaining entity of the alarm.

(d)   A key holder and security contacts for alarms and security related matters, open doors, and other security breaches need to be at the location of the security issue within 15 minutes of being notified by the Alarm Company or Oakley Communications Center.  Nuisance security breaches (open doors, etc.) may be assessed the same fees as false alarms fees.  Key holders not responding will be documented and the City of Oakley, the Oakley Police Department and the Oakley Communications center will not be held responsible once initial responding personnel have cleared the location of the issue.

(Ord. 1094; Code 2014)