There is hereby established in the City of Oakley, Logan County, Kansas, a Public Safety Assistance Policy as defined in K.S.A. 12-16,117, to-wit: Public Safety Agencies which are empowered by municipalities located within the County of Logan, Kansas, will reciprocally share public safety assistance with other municipalities which meet the following requisites:

(a)   Public Safety Assistance is requested and is within capability.

(b)   The Municipality has adopted a similar resolution/ordinance, which substantially complies with K.S.A. 12-16,117, or amendments thereto.

(c)   The assistance would not be in conflict with the local or inter-jurisdictional disaster plan adopted pursuant to K.S.A. 48-901, et seq., or amendments thereto.

(K.S.A. 12-16,117; Ord. 1020; Code 2014)

(a)   Except in cases where damage or harm resulted from negligence on the part of the assisted municipality, the municipality or public safety agency providing assistance to another shall be responsible for all damage or harm to its own equipment or personnel sustained while responding to, acting at, or returning from any disaster in another municipality.

(b)   Any municipality or public safety agency providing public safety assistance to another shall be covered by the rules of liability established by K.S.A. 48-915 and any amendments thereto.

(Ord. 1020; Code 2014)